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Winter Wrens Glass Paperweight by J.J Audubon

Winter Wrens Glass Paperweight by J.J Audubon


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Item Specifics

  • Dimensions (in): 3 in W x 3 in L x 1.5 in H
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Material: Glass
  • Item type: Paperweight
  • UPC or EAN: 8718375751145

Glass half dome paperweight with image by artist Jean-Jacques Audubon from his famous series of bird drawings. Here we see four Winter Wrens enjoying a vista from a tree with lush greenery.

  • Glass paperweight comes in an elegant presentation box with sateen lining suitable as a corporate or graduation gift.
  • Part of the Parastone Museum Gift Collection. PN PAUD1.
  • Measures: 3 in W x 3 in L x 1.5 in H. Weight 0.9 lbs.

Jean-Jacques Audubon was born in Haiti and grew up in France. To escape conscription under Napoleon, he fled to the United States in 1803 and anglicized his name to John James. He excelled at drawing and painting and was an enthusiastic ornithologist. On 12 October 1820, he started a boat trip down the Ohio river starting in Cincinnati with the intention of portraying all the birds of North America. Six years later, The Birds of America, his now famous book, was published in England featuring 435 illustrations of the largely still unknown species of birds.

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