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Museum Wholesale
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Museum Wholesale is a leading provider of museum replicas in the USA. We supply museum stores, cultural centers, gift stores, and volume buyers with finely made museum reproductions of famous statues now showcased in museums around the world.

Our Product Lines - Parastone Statues and Flaires Fragrances
As the exclusive USA distributor of Parastone Museum Statues (Parastone Mouseion 3D), we offer a unique collection of famous paintings adapted into three-dimensional forms. The Parastone Collection is well known in Europe as a high-quality collectible sculpture series with astute attention to the original masterpiece, finely crafted details, and premium packaging.
Each Parastone statue comes with a Parastone collectible certificate card, a four-color description card about the artist and artwork, and a gift box with secure interior packing materials. The artworks are made from resin and stone with hand-painted and airbrushed color details to reproduce the small nuances of many famous masterpiece originals.

We also offer the fragrance line by Flaires Fragrances of Spain. This high-quality fragrance line includes incense sticks, essential oils, air fresheners, and colognes. The scents are based on ancient recipes and formulations with an emphasis on spiritual enrichment, new-age energy improvements, and well-being enhancements.

Our Commitment to Customer Service
As a distributor and mail order fulfillment center for more than fifteen years, we understand how important quick turnaround, timely fulfillment, trackable shipments, and high-quality control are to our customers. You depend on us to satisfy your customers -- and we take this very seriously!

We ship your orders quickly, communicate timely about questions and issues, and continually search for ways to reduce costs while improving service speed. With each order you will receive a confirmation, an email when it ships, and a point of contact for all of your questions and concerns.

Thank you for your interest in our products. We look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations!