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Sage Essential Fragrance Oils by Flaires 15ml

Sage Essential Fragrance Oils by Flaires 15ml


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Item Specifics

  • Dimensions (in): 15ml Bottle (0.5 oz)
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Material: liquid, glass
  • Item type: Fragrance Oil
  • UPC or EAN: 8435199302475

Sage (Salvia) Aromatherapy Essential Oil is obtained by distillation of the leaves. It is a refreshing ingredient which can help as a sensory stimulant and be refreshing in a summer bath. Elegant gift box. Flaires of Spain. PN L-114. 15ml bottles (0.5oz).

Plant Name: Salvia lavandufolia
Origin: Sage leafs
Method: Steam distillation
USE: Bath: 10 drops in water, bathe for 10-20 minutes. Or Massage: Dilute 4% with a 96% base oil.

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