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Modigliani Jeanne Hebuterne Ceramic Vase

Modigliani Jeanne Hebuterne Ceramic Vase


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Item Specifics

  • Dimensions (in): 8.8 in H x 4.1 in W
  • Weight: 1.3 lb
  • Material: ceramic
  • Item type: museum vase
  • UPC or EAN: 8718375751596

In 1918 Amedeo Modigliani painted a portrait of his 21-year-old lover Jeanne Hebuterne with a big straw hat. He had lived together with this fair-skinned, auburn-haired young artist since 1916. Jeanne's portrait with a big straw hat is considered the most beautiful of the sixteen portraits Modigliani painted of her. With his typical use of colors including a warm radiant golden yellow, he paints a modest, friendly Jeanne with elongated neck and fingers. The black hat with yellow brim is repeated in her dark dress and skin tones. Together all shapes form a unified whole which is balanced in its simplicity. Her eyes are unfinished giving her a transcendental, universal quality.

  • Ceramic vase with Modigliani's painting of Jeanne Hebuterne on the front.
  • Silhouette d'Art Vase Collection by Parastone and John Beswick. PN SDA18.
  • Measures: 8.8 in x 4.1 in. Weighs approx. 1.5 lbs.
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